Polly Berlin, Artist
Original Paintings

Greetings! from Polly Berlin


Miniature Paintings Artist

The life of an Artist over the years can take challenging and unexpected direction

while their artistic love stays alive.

"I have been a prolific artist for five decades.  I painted in different media and style, exhibiting, selling and teaching ART.'

The enjoyment of painting and the need to be active in the art world always been the essence of my life. 

I love the beauty of nature which is depicted in the subjects of my artwork.  Few years ago, I developed the desire to paint "jewel like" miniatures. They are like tiny treasures done within the scale of miniature art.  I prefer to paint them on copper using oil as medium. 

My yearly participation to numerous "International Exhibitions of Miniature Paintings" always brings me a sense of recognition and accomplishment."



"Love Serenity and Beauty of Nature" Polly Berlin